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Welcome to Creature Camp!


My name is Chloe Strauss, and I'm so happy you're here!

I am an illustrator and ceramicist, who has been fortunate enough to find and cultivate my passions, supported by a wonderful community of mentors, family, and friends.  My wish is for everyone to feel as embraced and understood as I have.  Ergo, Creature Camp was born as a place where everyone is welcome and appreciated!

Growing up, I had many hurdles, twists, and setbacks; some of these made me feel more creature than kid. Thanks to the magic of love and kind words, I began to embrace the creature. In my adulthood, I've built my life around helping kids also to discover themselves.  They have been kids I coach in soccer, teach in preschool, and those with whom I work at Cely's House in Chapel Hill (the art camp that raised me).

Essentially, if I can help people communicate their love, appreciation, and acceptance for each other -- whilst putting the profits to good use by donating them to selected charities, monthly -- I couldn't be happier!

Thank you for helping that wish come true!


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